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August 26, 2015

Holding Page for America First Coast Travel

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We are proud to announce the launch of a holding page for America First Coast Travel who provide bespoke, fine and rare holidays for the discerning traveller. This signifies the first step of the development of an online presence for their growing travel business – whilst we busily work behind the scenes to design and build a more comprehensive website to showcase their offer.

We have worked closely with the passionate team at AFCT to provide a clear initial synopsis of their offering to serve as an immediate online reference for current and prospective clients and suppliers. Their unique knowledge of the east coast of the southern states of America enables them to build tailor made holidays with bespoke itineraries precisely in tune with their clients’ individual needs. As approved and designated sole receptor in the USA and Europe for the local tourism authorities, the company plays a key role in the development of tourism in this beautiful and varied area of the USA.



Client Services Director, Val, is delighted with the results, “Mzuri have played a key part in helping us to shape our marketing collateral from the concept stage of our business. Their input has been fantastic and we are really pleased with the end result and how the other projects we have in progress are shaping up.”

The project involved design and copywriting for the holding page as well as build and launch of the site. We also arranged domain name and hosting. Additional projects for America First Coast Travel include a brochure, PowerPoint presentation and proposal document.

View the holding page yourself here:

August 13, 2015

The tale of Ruby and the Butserfest internship

Ruby_ButserfestAs previously reported, Mzuri are working with East Hants District Council  on the marketing and promotion of their youth Music festival Butserfest to their target audience. This festival is aimed largely at 14-19 year olds and is the UK’s largest alcohol free youth festival. It covers three stages with over 30 bands and includes free activities, and festival goers can also enjoy a wide range of community stalls, traders and food.

Headliners are Don Broco, Funeral for a Friend, and Heck (formerly known as Baby Godzilla)

As part of that project were pleased to welcome Ruby Kelly to our offices to work on the Butserfest website and social media with us. Ruby is a student at Southampton Solent University and is currently on internship with East Hants District Council working with the Butserfest team.

Below is a blog that Ruby has written about her internship so far (prior to her time with us) for her university website. The blog was prepared by Megan Maddex, Social Media Co-ordinator for the Media Culture and Production department at Southampton Solent University.

Ruby Kelly – SSU Intern.

What is your name age and hometown?

Hi, I am Ruby Kelly, I am 21 and I am from Guildford. I am a second year Media Culture and Production student at Southampton Solent University.

What placement are you currently doing?

This summer I am doing a placement from June to mid September working on Butserfest which is the UK’s biggest alcohol free music festival targeting predominantly an age group from 12-18 but it is open to all ages. My placement is in Petersfield in Hampshire at the east Hampshire district council offices. 

How did you get it?

I got this placement through Steve Hogg. He knows I have gone to the festival every year since it has been running and am interested in the genre of music which it has playing and an understanding of how this genre of music works both on the business side and fanwise.

What have you been up to?

So far I have done loads of really interesting stuff in my first week. I went to an event with some of the Butserfest team and we promoted the event to the people by running competitions and talking to potential festival goers. I have control over all of the social media sites for the festival, so I am posting tweets and interacting with the followers to create hype and excitement for the festival and to talk to people who might be attending the festival this year. I have also taken control of the Tumblr page which was previously inactive; I have been posting photos and videos of the bands playing/ whom have previously played and posting links to other social media sites and to tickets. 

I have been working on the Instagram as well, as it was not active when I started the placement and been posting photos leading up to the event such as us getting goody bags ready, flyers arriving at the office and photos of the bands which had previously played. I have also been contacting potential clients about merchandising and other exciting things for the festival including various attractions. I have also managed to get a 4 day placement with the marketing company that the festival has out sourced for this year which I am looking forward to as I am going to be learning more about how they approach the marketing side as well as them teaching me more about website design and Photoshop. I am looking forward to this extra placement as I have been working with this team but am yet to meet them. 

What have you learnt?

So far I have learnt loads, but one thing that I have found really useful is that you need to keep records of everything that you do and keep everyone in the loop of what you have done as a group project. Something else I have also learnt is how to use Excel to a higher standard which is important when working in business. I have also improved my social media skills on a business level rather than a personal level in a way that I would not have known or thought about previously.

How has this helped your future career prospects?

I feel like this placement has massively helped my future career prospects as I have always wanted to work in the music industry, especially the alternative music scene, as it is something I feel really passionate about and have been since a young age. So far I’ve learnt loads about the background of working in the music industry like contracts and advances. I have also learnt about working in an office and how everyone needs to work well as a group to get a larger project done and communication is key. 

What advice would you give other students?

One piece of advice that I would give any person who is looking for work experience is that it’s important to be positive and take any opportunity you get. Even if you do not know how to do something just tell the person and say that you are willing to learn and improve your skills on how to do something as they will respect you for this and it will help improve your skills. Another key thing I think is to just be friendly and open minded as you will be put in a working situation which university will not be able to teach you. 

What has been the highlight of your experience so far?

One of my main highlights so far is that I have got to work behind the scenes on a festival that I have been attending since I was younger and has influenced what sort of music I listen to. It has been nice to work on something that I know I have enjoyed so that other people can enjoy it the same way that I have.

July 30, 2015

July 7, 2015

Goodle Doodles: Reinventing the Logo

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Goodle-DoodlesGoogle Doodle

2015 Summer Solstice (northern hemisphere) Google Doodle by Kirsten Lepore. Source: Google.

We all love a Google Doodle, but the GIF that marked the Summer Solstice this year just had to get a mention on the Mzuri blog! Created by guest artist Kirsten Lepore, this Doodle has us chuckling even if it does make us feel a bit sorry for our ice lollies.

Artist’s original sketch. Source: Google

Animated GIFs are definitely having a revival and are becoming increasingly prolific online (see MTV’s recently unveiled GIF and meme-inspired on-air identity). Google have been embracing them regularly since 2010 however, when they released a Doodle celebrating Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday with an animation of a falling apple. Since the first Doodle in 1998 to celebrate the Burning Man Festival, the Doodles have evolved to be interactive too, and today it seems most days of the week bring a new and intriguing creation to entertain us while we search.

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Final

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Final Google Doodle shows how far removed the artwork can be from the logo while remaining recognisable. Source: Google

The Google Doodle is so much more than a source of entertainment however. With these works evolving to look less and less like the six letters of Google with each one that is released, they are a true testament to the well-established brand that is Google. A way to keep their hugely recognisable logo fresh in a world where it is seen everywhere so frequently, the Doodles are a great asset to Google and a device that invites it’s millions of users to engage with the brand while they inform us alongside humour and creative flair. The Google Doodle has to be one of the most endearing and inviting examples of advertising that we can think of. Hats off!


June 30, 2015

Illuminating luxury lighting with Xavio Design


Having successfully completed the new Hampshire Light website, we were delighted to be approached to work with their sister company Xavio on the development of their new website too.

Xavio had already developed designs for the site internally, so we were tasked with realising those designs and transforming them into a functional, responsive and accessible website. The website was designed to reflect the highest end of the lighting industry across a wide range of markets including super-prime residential, luxury hospitality, corporate buildings, private yachts and aircraft and art lighting. We worked to ensure that the designer’s vision was fully realised without compromise but also that the site was functional, completely controlled by a user friendly content management system as well as completely responsive on all mobile devices.

The site is intended to act as a reference point for Xavio’s clients as well as other stakeholders who are involved in the process of creatively designing and planning luxury lighting systems as well as in the technical specification, implementation, installation and maintenance of the systems.

Our client has been delighted with the website and following launch Nicholas Reynolds, MD of Xavio Design commented, ‘Many thanks everyone – fantastic work!’

You can view the Xavio site here.


June 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Powerful Posters

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Throwback Thursday: Vintage Festival Posters
Festival Season has arrived! The sun is shining, Glastonbury is upon us (lucky Dean is currently there!), and last week we attended the fabulous The Sunday Times Festival of Education at Wellington College in Berkshire. See the highlights of that here.

This is also an exciting time for Butserfest, who released their full lineup in the last week. As a result, all eyes have been on festival and especially poster design here at Mzuri and so today on #ThrowbackThursday we thought we’d share some of these classic festival and music event masterpieces…

Festival Posters
Left to right: 1969 Woodstock poster by Arnold Skolnick; 1967 Jimi Hentrix Experience poster by Bob Masee; 1967 5th Dimension Leicester poster by Nigel Waymouth; 1970 Herman Miller Sweet Corn Festival poster by Steve Frykholm and 1968 Montreux Jazz Festival poster by Roger Bornand. 


We hope you’re now joining us in our Festival Fever! You can buy tickets for Butserfest here – Early-birds are still available.


June 18, 2015

Countdown to Butserfest: 12th September 2015

Butserfest 2015
It’s official: Team Mzuri has festival fever.

You might have seen that we’ve been working on marketing and design for The Sunday Times Festival of Education again this year; a fantastic event that we are always proud to be a part of. The festival kicked off today and we were really excited that we could attend. If only we could stay for the two days, we didn’t want to leave! Keep up with this important and engaging two-day event as it unfolds here.

In other news, we are also excited to announce that our festival repertoire has recently been expanded! We’ve started working with East Hampshire District Council on their very own Butserfest – the UK’s biggest alcohol-free festival, aimed at young people.

This is a really exciting project and a fantastic opportunity for us to work with the dedicated Butserfest team at the Council to help them realise their vision for the Festival this year. Butserfest, now in its ninth year, was created to provide a fun and safe festival for young people at an affordable price. It will take place at the foot of Butser Hill, in Queen Elizabeth Country Park on Saturday 12 September.

The full line up of rock, metal and emo bands was announced earlier this week in the poster format below. You can view Butserfest’s website here, and buy tickets here. Early bird tickets are still on sale until the end of June, for just £19.90 and if you buy four tickets, you get a fifth one free. Spread the word.





June 12, 2015

Getting our walk on for Breast Cancer Care

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Breast-Cancer-CareThe fight against breast cancer is a cause close to our hearts. Friends and family have faced it with a great deal of bravery and positivity and mum and I felt we wanted to do something to help raise awareness and raise funds, so last weekend, we decided it was time to don our walking boots and embark upon the 10 mile Pink Ribbon Walk at Stourhead in Wiltshire. It was definitely a challenge (we may have omitted to do any training, despite best intentions!), but a worthwhile one that we both really enjoyed. The weather was gorgeous, the scenery stunning and we managed to complete the route in about four hours – with time for a couple of pit stops on the way!

Pink Ribbon Walk for Breast Cancer Care


It really was a great experience and our advice to anyone considering a charity fitness challenge would be… go for it! We live in a gorgeous part of the world and with so many events like the Pink Ribbon Walk, (which itself hosts six walks across the UK) there are huge range of walks to ease you in to the fitness challenge groove!

We walked for everyone affected by breast cancer but especially for Barbara and in loving memory of friends Kitty and Ali. We are so grateful for the donations we have received. If you can spare a few pounds to help us get there, we would really appreciate it! You can do this easily by visiting our Just Giving page.

Thank you!


June 9, 2015

Pitch perfect for America’s First Coast Travel

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America's First Coast Travel

We have been working with the America’s First Coast Travel team to develop a key pitch document and business stationery, while also advising on marketing strategy. The pitch document included the development of a brand style, a 44 page pitch across three sections, sourcing and purchasing appropriate photography, copy editing and printing – all under tight deadlines. We were also pleased to assist in the development of budget planning and other management resources to support the business in its start up phase.

America's First Coast Travel

It’s been great being part of America’s First Coast Travel’s journey thus far and we look forward to working with them going forwards.

If you have the need to step your pitch documents up a gear, we would be glad to help. Just get in touch,


June 8, 2015

Exciting new projects with Avitus Group in the US, UK & Europe

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Avitus Group
We are delighted to support Avitus Group with copywriting, design and print, most recently on the development of brochures for their UK & European operation. Our current focus, amongst ongoing marketing and promotional projects, is working with the US marketing team on the development of the Avitus Group website for the US, UK and Europe. Watch this space!

UK & European Head of Business Development for Avitus Group, Frank Levene, shared these kind words:

“Mzuri Design, under the leadership of Katherine and Phil, are an extraordinarily talented and inspirational strategic business, marketing, communications and design agency. We have been so impressed by their enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity in supporting a UK venture with a USA ownership. The development challenge facing Avitus in the UK & Europe wide has been addressed with imagination and much cross cultural sensitivity.  In my corporate life and as an entrepreneur the quality and commitment is really wonderfully supportive.  Mzuri knows how to get the job done intelligently and on time.”



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